5 reasons to use surveys

5 Dec by admin

5 reasons to use surveys

A survey helps facilitate valuable business data for growing your business, whether it’s a brief email feedback form, a phone interview, or an in-depth video call.

With today’s technology, the ability to create, design and deliver surveys has increased exponentially. When you want to understand how customers perceive your business, its products and its services, customer surveys have benefits that can be hard to match with any other approach.

Collecting data is not always easy, but transforming this data into useful information or representative statistics represents an important commercial and marketing advantage. Used well, survey results will allow your company to reformulate effective business strategies.

The use of surveys is interesting for companies for many reasons. Here are several :

1- Surveys provide essential feedback on your products and services

Surveys allow you to obtain useful information on the feelings of your customers and prospects regarding your products or services. Question your customers to identify gaps in your products/services. You will be able to remedy this and thus improve their commercial development.

Using a survey to gather feedback pays off if you ask the right questions. Good preparation is essential to obtain interesting and usable results.

2- Surveys collect useful data for the marketing department

Marketing surveys can help you create your buyer personas, your typical customers. Your hit-and-miss marketing campaigns should target a typical customer profile.
Thanks to surveys, you can collect useful information on your target audience, on their preferences and interests but also on their purchasing habits. By taking into account this information thus collected, you will be able to better segment and refine your various marketing campaigns and of course obtain many qualified leads.

3- Customer satisfaction surveys improve business processes

Surveys can also be used by small businesses to prompt customers into giving feedback regarding their experience after a sale has been completed.
Distributing after-sales customer satisfaction surveys is easily done by placing a survey link on the customer receipt or by emailing customers shortly after their purchase. One of the main advantages of this approach is that requests are sent automatically, which significantly reduces costs.
Over time, a customer satisfaction survey can help businesses identify and correct customer service failures. The feedback obtained from a post-sale survey may help a business to improve customer handling as well as to identify any other issues that the company may otherwise not have been aware of.

4- We can use surveys over a long period of time

One of the best advantages of a survey is that they can be used to question an audience over a protracted period of time. Using an online service you can easily create a set of queries and just continue to collect responses.
The longer the period you can collect responses, the more you’re going to acquire. At the same time, this will reduce bias and allow you to make better business decisions from this information. Thus the value of the questionnaire is significantly increased while at the same time there is limited cost to the business.

5- Surveys enable benchmarking

Once the data is collected, it can be used to compare and contrast the results with other information obtained.
This benefit makes it possible to use the info to measure change. That means a questionnaire that goes out every month or each year becomes more valuable over time.
When you can gather a significant amount of data, then the picture you are trying to interpret will become much clearer. Surveys provide the capability of generating new strategies or identifying new trends to create more opportunities.

Without any doubt, surveys can be a powerful tool when used correctly in your business. They can help your business collect valuable information that can help improve its performance. Nextcall International can help you create different types of surveys and via different media. Don’t hesitate to contact us!